New Rochelle, NY

Oct 27, 2020 — AT&T Antenna Farm Approved at 75 White Oak Street

WTF = Wireless Telecommunications Facility (in this case, a 12-antenna WTF), See photos and application.

Watch the Oct 27, 2020 New Rochelle Planning Commission Meeting below, or here.

Oct 27, 2020 — Planning Commission
Nov 10, 2020 — City Council

The City of New Rochelle plans to deploy a Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WTF), comprised of 12 microwave irradiating antennas atop 75 White Oak Street with no copper-roof shielding of residences in the neighborhood. The City of New Rochelle Planning Commission hearing will be held at City Hall, 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801 (Agenda) on Tue, Oct 27 at 6:00 pm.

5-6 Story Apartment Buildings Line Both Sides of White Oak Street

This is, most likely, popular student housing for Iona College; students living in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors will be in harms way, if the Effective Radiated Power is not Capped or if Effective Shielding is Not installed on the Roofs and Exterior Walls of these Residences.

75 White Oak St. | Lat/Long: 40.926874°, -73.790064°

1. 02/28/20 REVISED KMD
0. 12/16/19 REVISED KMD



Wireless Antenna Analysis for 75 White Oak St., New Rochelle, NY

Twelve (12) of These
is O-V-E-R-K-I-L-L
— By Any Measure

Link to Application File | Link to Antenna Specs | Link to Municipal Code — § 331-99 Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs)

Max Power Output = 33,475 Watts × 12 antennas = 401,700 Watts ERP

Each 5-foot tall sector antenna has
4 ports → 698–896 MHz
4 ports → 1695–2360 MHz

Frequency Range

Max Input

Ant. Gain



698–806 300 13.3 2 7,980
806–896 300 13.7 2 8,220
1695–1880 300 16.7 1 5,010
1850–1990 250 17.1 1 4,275
1920–2180 250 17.4 1 4,350
2300–2360 200 18.2 1 3,640
Max Total ERP      


Consider these facts

  1. We know, based on science, that microwave radiation causes biological harm. That is a fact that even the insurance companies know — they will not insure for wireless communications because they are high risk.
  2. These antennas will be close to children and adolescents – the playground, the local library and the New Rochelle High School.
  3. Wireless companies are not providing any insurance to cover biological harm done to the City’s residents. This exposes the City to lawsuits and damages.
  4. Wireless data transmitted to/from these antennas is easily hackable, posing serious data privacy issues.
  5. We as City residents will lose property values because no one — and I mean no one — wants to live next to 12 microwave irradiating antennas. We already have enough financial devastation due to COVID-19 without adding these dangerous antennas to the mix.

Call and Email City of New Rochelle Planning Commissioners

Until we can locate the Planning Commissioners’ email addresses, please email City Clerk Michelle Oliveros and ask her to send your comments to the Planning Commissioners.

  • Sarah C. Dobbs-Brown, Planning Commission Chair
  • Keith Pitocchi, Planning Commissioner
  • Dr. Walter Lipow, Planning Commissioner
  • Mary Smith, Planning Commissioner
  • Kate Mercado, Planning Commissioner
  • Jim Brown, Planning Commissioner

Call and Email City of New Rochelle City Staff

515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801

  • Charles B. Strome, City Manager — email | 914-654-2140
  • Kathleen Gill, Corporation Counsel/City Attorney — email | 914-654-2125
  • Rash Mehta, Engineer — email | 914-654-2138
  • James Moran, Interim Commissioner — email | 914-654-2129

Key Talking Points: City Officials’ Hands are Not Tied

July 23, 2020 — Attorney Andrew Campanelli: Sept 2018 FCC Order 18-133 is not self-enforcing; City officials’ hands are NOT tied
Oct 11, 2020 — Wireless Antenna Need Test Proves No Significant Gap in AT&T Telecommunications Service

Download the substantial written evidence that proves that there is No Significant Gap in AT&T Telecommunications Service within a 2,000 foot radius of 75 White Oak Street.

Call and email your city officials to voice your opposition to these close proximity microwave irradiating antennas

  • The City charter states that City’s officials have an obligation to provide public safety. The wireless industry tells City officials incessantly that their hands are tied. That is false; there are many things that City officials can do.
  • New Rochelle-Safe Tech has placed substantial written evidence in the public record that proves that there is no significant gap in AT&T Telecommunications service in a 2,000 foot radius from 75 White Oak Street — the proposed antenna location.
  • Therefore, there is no need for this WTF and the City of New Rochelle can simply make that finding as the reason to say NO to this proposd WTF.
  • As upheld on October 1, 2019, a three-judge panel in the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit ruled in Case No. 18-1051, Mozilla v FCC that the FCC only regulates wireless phone calls as Title II telecommunications service. There is no preemption for any other personal wireless service.
  • The 1996-Telecommunications Act’s preemption of local authority only applies telecommunications service , i.e. the ability to make an outdoor wireless phone call. Full stop.
  • If one can make an AT&T wireless phone call in a 2,000 foot radius 75 White Oak Street, then there is no no significant gap in AT&T Telecommunications service. and no need for any additional AT&T antennas in the area.
  • Protect the residents of New Rochelle vote NO on this Wireless Telecommunications Facility by making the finding that there is no significant gap in AT&T Telecommunications service. — as proven by the substantial writtten evidence in the New Rochelle public record.

Additional Information:

  • Tens of thousands of scientific studies conclude direct and immediate biological harm from pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR), including, but not limited to neurological harms, learning and memory impairments, sleep disturbances, headaches, ringing in the ears, fatigue, dizziness, seizures, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypoxia, birth defects, and permanent genetic damage. As a carcinogen, RF-EMR is worse than lead and is ready to have its classification moved from IIARC Group 2B (possible) to IARC Group 1 (definite) human carinogen.
  • Children absorb up to ten times more radiation than adults because their thinner skulls allow radiation to penetrate deeper into their brains.
  • Other harms includ: loss of privacy, surveillance, loss of property values, impaired aesthetics and landscape, killing of bees, insects, birds and trees
  • These 12 antennas would irradiate the entire area 24/7/365, despite the evidence that proves there is no need for the antennas to close a significant gap in coverage
  • Other cities and towns are saying “NO” to antennas in residential areas and near sensitive sites – schools, playgrounds. The Children’s Library, a playground and the High School are all within 1,000 feet of 75 White Oak Street.

Dafna Tachover, Director,We Are The Evidence

“To think that electromagnetic radiation that is Quintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000) time higher than what our body evolved to tolerate is safe is an absurdity. Our brain is electric, our heart is electric, our nervous system is electric and our cells communicate electrically – the question is not how it can affect us but how it can not affect us.”

Learn more here:

Contact us:

Call and Email City of New Rochelle City Council Members

  • Link to Noam Bramson , Mayor — email | (914) 654-2150
  • Link to Martha Lopez-Hanratty, District 1 Council Member — email | 914-275-2020
  • Link to Albert Tarantino, District 2 Council Member — email | 914-497-7141
  • Link to Yadira Ramos-Herbert, District 3 Council Member — email | 914-484-8158
  • Link to Ivar Hyden, District 4, Council Member — email | 914-262-9785
  • Link to Sara Kaye, District 5 Council Member — email | 914-262-8096
  • Link to Liz Fried, District 6, Council Member — email | 914-924-8240

Oct 20, 2020 Resolutions — Vote Was Postponed to a Future Date TBD

On Oct 20, 2020, we telephoned the Mayor, each Council Member, the City Manager, City Attorney, and the Public Works Engineer . . . and we convinced the Council to not to vote through the following:


10. PROPOSED LEAD AGENCY STATUS RE: TELECOMMUNICATIONS FRANCHISE AGREEMENT WITH VERIZON WIRELESS – Resolution declaring Lead Agency status relative to the Telecommunications Franchise Agreement with New York SMSA Limited Partnership dba Verizon Wireless.

11. PROPOSED NEGATIVE DECLARATION RE: VERIZON TELECOMMUNICATIONS FRANCHISE AGREEMENT – Resolution to issue a determination of non significance pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQRA”) relating to the adoption of a resolution approving the telecommunications franchise agreement with New York SMSA Limited Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless.

12. PROPOSED AUTHORIZATION RE: TELECOMMUNICATIONS FRANCHISE AGREEMENT WITH VERIZON WIRELESS – Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute a Telecommunications Franchise Agreement with New York SMSA Limited Partnership dba Verizon Wireless.

New Rochelle Resident Testimony, Prepared for Oct 20, 2020

My name is ____________. I attest and affirm that the following statements are true, accurate, and within my personal knowledge.

I am speaking today to defend my home and my family from a dangerous and unnecessary invasion — densified 4G/5G Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (or WTFs for short) being constructed next to our homes . . . a road to disaster that is being paved by voting through tonight’s items 10, 11 and 12.

Here is the problem: there has not been sufficient due diligence on the part of City staff to understand that Franchise Agreements and Master Licensing Agreements primarily benefit the Wireless company — not the City of New Rochelle.

No one — and I mean no one — wants to live closer than 2,500 feet from a cell tower of any G because there is already real evidence of harms from around the US, due to insufficient regulation of maximum Effective Radiated Power from these WTFs :

  • public safety harms
  • privacy harms and
  • and property value harms.

In some cities in other states, this has been properly managed through zoning laws so no cell towers of any size or any G will be constructed in the public rights of way of residential zones. That is a real solution. Why are we not doing that in New Rochelle? It is available to you City Council members.

Were you properly advised? You went through a long process, but in the end, did you think sufficiently outside the box? Only the future will tell us that, but tonight’s vote is not very encouraging.

So, we have a real problem in New Rochelle. Our laws are in conflict and the buck stops with you, our City Council members who must deliver public safety.

Despite the mountains of Wireless industry propaganda, your hands are not tied. You can amend your local ordinance to regulate the maximum electromagnetic power allowed through the air — enough to enable telecommunications service — and no higher.

Such an ordinance will not result in effective prohibition of telecommunications service and therefore is legal and defensible with respect to the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The Wireless industry and even possibly your City Attorney might tell you otherwise, but they would be wrong.They would be thinking too far inside the box.

You can set policy to properly balance the needs of “real persons” — New Rochelle’s residents, voters and taxpayers, my family and yours — versus the needs of “artificial persons” — billion dollar Telecom companies.

We need you to protect us. Full stop. Please invite the public to the table to work with the City staff to define a creative and protective local ordinance amendment.

I have expressed no matter of mere concern but solely matters of substance, fact and law.