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The Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth (DCRG) is an organization made up of Danville residents/taxpayers. Our group recently appealed the Town’s decision to allow Verizon to begin its plans to implement the “Danville Polygon Project”, which is what they have named their site-by-site plan to develop a 5G network surrounding Danville, CA. To be taken seriously, we have hired a renowned Telecommunications attorney to help us find the best path forward. Our bills continue to mount, as we have had multiple meetings with Town Attorney Bob Ewing and Planner David Crompton.https://www.youtube.com/embed/4VgRLPOcMtA

We need your help in funding this effort to save Danville taxpayers from negative impacts to property values and possible negative health impacts. Please donate whatever you can, or we will not be able to continue our efforts to protect everyone. Thank you.

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Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth

Attend Danville Town Council Meetings every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 7:30PM

All City Council Meetings are held at 201 Front St., Danville, CA 94526, in the Town Council Chambers.

Upcoming Danville Town Council and Planning Commission Meetings

Tell the Danville Town Council and Planning Commission:

  1. NO! Not in Danville’s Residential Zones!
  2. Why? There is No proven SIGNIFICANT GAP in Verizon or AT&T coverage in Danville.
  3. Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRA) 15–50 feet from our homes ARE NOT the least intrusive means to close an alleged significant gap in Verizon or AT&T coverage.
  4. Where there is NO SIGNIFICANT GAP in Coverage, there is no basis for preemption of local authority.
  5. The League of Cities, over 300 CA Cities, 50 of 58 Counties and many, many CA residents opposed the heinous so called “Small Cell” Bill, CA SB.649 — Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed SB.649 on 10/15/17.
  6. The Town of Danville should not amend its Municipal Wireless Code to merely add the same SB.649 language into Danville’s Municipal Wireless Code. What’s going on, here?

Targeted Locations in Danville, CA

  1. 111 Lomitas Drive | map
  2. 5 Tyler Court | map
  3. 517 La Gonda Way | map
  4. 470 Edinburh Circle | map
  5. 756 El Pintado Road | map
  6. Parcel No. 217-270-058 | map

CPMRA Installations in Residential Zones Are Unnecessary Hazards and Nuisances

  • Each CPMRA installation will decrease the property value of the four closest homes by 25% or more!
  • Each installation could destroy between $500,000 and $750,000 of residential property value, which is $30 million to $45 million in lost residential property value for a 60 cell-tower project.
  • Danville should not destroy this much private property value to appease the business interests of Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile or Sprint.
  • Danville, therefore, MUST resist this misguided project, start a public process and consider the LEAST INTRUSIVE means to close any alleged significant gaps in Verizon or AT&T coverage.
  • Are any Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas near your home? View below.
  • Are you relieved that one of these Phase One CPMRA installations is not in front of your home? Think again . . . if you let even one CPMRA installation in your neighborhood, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are coming to claim the remaining poles, so your house will be next. CPMRAs are a cancer in your neighborhood that will grow in number, volume and power — year-after-year . . . unless you convince the Danville Town Council to do the smart thing and allow CPMRA/Cell Towers only in commercial and industrial zones.

This is How You Do It . . . Strength in Numbers

Attorney Patrick Shannon, founder of Hillsborough Families Against Cell Towers addressing his City Council regarding 16 proposed cell towers by Verizon/Crown Castle: “Do the right thing, protect your residents and avoid our City from becoming the place where democracy goes to die and cell towers metastasize.”

What We Know: This Is Not Good

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The World Health Organization has classified radio frequency microwave electromagnetic fields from any source (pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation radiation) as a Group 2B Carcinogen. Dr. Lennart Hardell, a member of the IARC committee wrote in his 3/12/18 comments on the National Toxicology Program final results:

Based on the IARC preamble to the monographs, RF microwave radiation should be classified as Group 1: The agent is carcinogenic to humans.

“This category is used when there is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in humans. Exceptionally, an agent may be placed in this category when evidence of carcinogenicity in humans is less than sufficient but there is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals and strong evidence in exposed humans that the agent acts through a relevant mechanism of carcinogenicity.” (http://monographs.iarc.fr/ENG/Preamble/currentb6evalrationale0706.php)

These so-called “Small Cell” towers would be installed just 15-50 feet from homes and transmit hazardous levels of pulsed, data-modulated, radio frequency microwave-millimeter wave radiation 24/7/365 — with no chance to opt out. Recall, that people damaged by 24/7/365 exposures from the Wireless Advanced Metering Infrastructure’s (AMI) so-called “Smart Meters” forced PG&E to offer an opt out program. We need such an opt out for these CPRMA installations, as well: My Street, My Choice!

The Solution: Fiber to the Premises (FTTP)

The solution is both simple and easy — instead of more Wireless, install Wireline fiber optic cables to each home and business in Danville, which will provide much faster, more secure, more reliable and much more energy-efficient transmission of Internet and video data. Doing so would preserve the unique character of Danville and prevent the private Telecom companies from shoving these cheap, ugly, intrusive, microwave-radiation-emitting CPMRA installations into our town.

Despite the promises of additional convenience and the unbridled hype for 5G and the “Internet of Things? (IoT), the primary duty of our elected officials is neither convenience, nor promised future economic growth, but to promote and preserve the health and welfare of Danville’s residents, voters and taxpayers.

What you Can Do

To voice your opposition to Cell Towers being installed 10 to 50 feet from homes and local workplaces, please come to the Danville Town Council Meetings and speak or support others who will speak against these hazardous, visual blights that could blemish our beautiful city for the rest of our lives. To find out more about this project, please contact the Danville Planning staff and City Council Members:

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Contact Danville Town Council and Staff

Danville Town Office, 510 La Gonda Way, Danville, CA 94526 | 925-314-3378

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