Locations for 4G-5G

Verizon has submitted applications to the Village to construct and operate 4G/5G cell antennas and other equipment described as “small”, but with effective radiated power of a macro cell tower, 24/7/365 without our consent. One is half a block from Ben Franklin School. Antennas could be as close as 12’ from homes, as close as 20’ to the ground.




333 Park Blvd. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Latitude: 41.871548 Longitude: -88.061306

806 Hill Ave. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Latitude: 41.973993 Longitude: -88.052672

312 Spring Ave. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Latitude: 41.870985 Longitude: -88.048078

On April 27th, the Village approved prohibiting 4G-5G 300’ from schools and corner lots, but allowed it for other homes. Also, there was no limit set on power levels. This infrastructure would deploy highly unnatural, pulse-modulated microwave radiation within your home, your family’s bodies, schools and offices. Horrific health effects can follow these operations. Our Village Trustees took an oath of office to protect residents.

We all want good communication.  However, this plan uses unreliable, cyber-insecure, and harmful systems.  We need not sacrifice our health, safety, environment and property values for deficient projects. Each village has power to decide what is constructed, how it is operated, and to contract the BEST engineering, with internet functioning even during storms, electrical outages, and disasters – when we need it most. 5G is poor engineering. 


The Established Science (20,000+ studies) is clear:

  • Increases headaches, tinnitus, seizures, ADHD
  • Decreases attention, learning and memory
  • Suppresses melatonin, causes insomnia and other sleep disorders, fatigue
  • Suppresses immunity and H2O & O2 metabolism
  • Increases cardiovascular problems
  • Increases infertility and birth defects
  • Causes oxidative stress and cancer


Property value may drop 20% if an antenna is near a home.


AI technocracy, warrantless surveillance, no more privacy.


FCC is being sued over its unscientific exposure guidelines for radiofrequency/microwave radiation.  The ~120 studies chosen to prove the guideline’s efficacy, all pre-1990, rather disproved it.  Duration, wavelength, and modulation are more potent than intensity in determining bioeffects.