About Our Town, Our Choice

Our Town, Our Choice is a citizen journalist and advocacy organization that supports local control over the placement, construction, modification and — most importantly — the operations of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) in our communities. We advocate for just enough wireless telecommunications service and nothing more for very solid, sustainable and protective reasons.

We support sufficient regulation of Wireline Broadband and Wireless Telecommunications services. and how the current push for Densifiedf 4G/5G Cell towers being installed in the public rights-of-way is not providing basic public safety.

We have helped other cities across the US achieve a deeper understanding of what is at stake: basic public safety, privacy, property values and the quiet enjoyment of streets — all of which is threatened by the toxic pollution emitting from Densifiedf 4G/5G Cell towers that are being installed in the public rights-of-way . This is also an issue of National Security, as the current 3G/4G/5G wireless equipment has been proven to be insecure and unprotected against impersonation attacks:

Read 3G/4G/5G National Security Failure

which . . . Proves That Big Wireless Is Selling A Defective Product/Service –>

One obvious alternative is to prefer fast, reliable, secure, energy-efficient, fiber-optic cables installed directly to homes (FTTH) — a safe nonpolluting option.

Strategic Broadband Expertise

Honed from years of high-level lobbying and advocacy, the founders of Our Town, Our Choice have secured vetoes of various ALEC-sponsored State “Small” Cell Streamline bills, (including CA SB.649) lobbied for effective Federal legislation (HR.530 and S.2012) and have assisted various law suits challenging recent FCC Orders. The work is summarized on various web properties:

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  • Link to Responsible iPad
  • Link to Latest Efforts in San Francisco, CA
  • Link to WE-WANT-IT Ordinance/Bill (Written Evidence — Wireless Antenna Need Test In Telecommunications)

Forget about the G’s

The propaganda about 4G, 5G or even 6G is just a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo designed to distract and misinform the public about the real reasons why Big Wireless and the US Govt. are partnering up to install Densifed WTFs in front of our homes:

  • Unprecedented Surveillance of all Americans, robbing us of our rights to privacy in our own homes
  • Massive, continued transfer of wealth from Americans to a few multi-billion dollar corporations
  • 24/7/365 Forced Exposures to excessive levels of Effective Radiated Power, which ruins Quiet Enjoyment of Streets
  • Weaponized Crowd-Control Grid to subdue Americans

Focus, instead, on Frequencies, Wavelengths, Modulation & Maximum Effective Radiated Power

Panoply of Frequencies & Wavelengths in a Saturated 4G/5G World

Spectrum auctions authorized by the March, 2018 Senate Bill 19: The Mobile Now Act

  • 5G: 600 MHz = waves 20 inches long
  • 4G: 700 MHz = waves 17 inches long
  • 3G/4G: 800 MHz = waves 15 inches long
  • 3G/4G: 900 MHz = waves 13 inches long
  • 3G/4G: 1800 MHz = waves 7 inches long
  • 3G/4G: 2100 MHz = waves 6 inches long
  • Wi-Fi: 2450 MHz = waves 5 inches long (unlicensed)
  • 5G: 3100 MHz to 3550 MHz = waves 3.8 to 3.3 inches long
  • 5G: 3550 MHz to 3700 MHz = waves 3.3 to 3.2 inches long
  • 5G: 3700 MHz to 4200 MHz = waves 3.2 to 2.8 inches long
  • 5G: 4200 to 4900 MHz = waves 2.8 to 2.4 inches long
  • Wi-Fi: 5800 MHz = waves 2.0 inches long (unlicensed)
  • 5G: 24,250 to 24,450 MHz = waves 0.5 inch long
  • 5G: 25,050 to 25,250 MHz = waves 0.5 inch long
  • 5G: 25,250 to 27,500 MHz = waves 0.4 inch long
  • 5G: 27,500 to 29,500 MHz = waves 0.4 inch long
  • 5G: 31,800 to 33,400 MHz = waves 0.4 inch long
  • 5G: 37,000 to 40,000 MHz = waves 0.3 inch long
  • 5G: 42,000 to 42,500 MHz = waves 0.3 inch long
  • 5G: 57,000 to 64,500 MHz = waves 0.3 inch long (unlicensed)
  • 5G: 64,000 to 71,000 MHz = waves 0.2 inch long
  • 5G: 71,000 to 76,000 MHz = waves 0.2 inch long
  • 5G: 81,000 to 86,000 MHz = waves 0.1 inch long

Interference Pattern From Just Two Dipole Antennas

Many people live, sleep and heal among and between these many antennas . . .

The RF-EMR Propagation Occurs at the Speed of Light (671 million mph)

John Belcher:

“Two point dipole antennas, in phase, oscillating sinusoidally (a repeating sine-wave pattern) with a period T (time) are located on the z axis (the imaginary axis coming out at you from the screen), with a separation 2h apart, which is a good fraction of a wavelengh (cT). The resulting radiation pattern far from the origin can have many zeroes depending on the relationship between 2h and cT. When the dipoles turn on, one can watch the interference pattern develop in the radiation zone, where the people live, sleep and heal.”

John Belcher has more Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation animation videos here and more antenna information can be found at the Antenna Theory web site.